This is my second book with Cavan Scott, my first book with Dark Horse and my long-awaited first time with Star Wars! I love work with Cavan, is a great writer. With him the line is really easy, evocative and pleasant… Not hereee! (Creepy voice) ^^ Same for my editors at the hard work and glad to sharing book with so many great artists!

This project blown my mind because I’m a big fan of Star Wars! I’m from the 80’s… so I lived the original trilogy as a child! and I have given my best to represent the characters, the environments and the necessary creepyest atmosphere.
I love this genre.  Terror for young readers / Sci-fi.  I feel more comfortable, it amuses me.  To get scary, I can exaggerate the acting to get more sordid, strange or scary moments but without ever losing control, so that it is always believable for the kids.  Also here I have been able to mix it with my beloved Star Wars aesthetics and themes and make it respectable enough for the saga and that the most demanding fans can also enjoy it. 

In add, I’ve had the opportunity to color my own pages.  It is a very satisfying job but it has many nuances and possibilities that make it necessary to have things clear in order to move forward.  I’ve experimented with color to make the atmosphere as cool, strange, suffocating and scary as possible considering the references of each character, droid or element of Star Wars involved.

I love Star Wars and in fact I would be doing this all the time!


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