Original art


If you want a commission, write me a personal message please! 🙂
I can do:
– Traditional original art
– Digital Art Black and White
– Digital color Art

Available Art:

Here you have a original arts selection i’ve done, do not hesitate

to ask me about them if you are interested.

If you take a look at my site, you can find more original arts.



Marvel Action Black Panther2 Cover Juan Samu
Marvel Action: Black Panther#2 Cover. Ink on 300gr paper



Black Panther #1 Cover Juan Samu
Black Panther #1 Cover 42×30 on 300 gr paper


ciberpunk 2077
Ciberpunk 2077 – 21×30 ink on 300gr. paper



hellcat juansamu (2)
Hellcat – 21×30 ink on 200 gr. paper


red hood juansamu
Red Hood – Ink + water color in 21×30 200gr. paper



ROM INK juansamu
ROM – Ink on 21×30 200.gr paper



gits juansamu bn
GITS – 21×30 ink on 200.gr paper


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