Juan Samu

Barcelona, Spain.

Juan is a Comic book artist (penciller/inker), illustrator and concept artist.

After leaving the technical drawing degree in 2000, Juan studied comics at the Escola Joso in 2005. He later studied Graphic Design until 2008 at the Escola Municipal d’Art de Terrassa (Barcelona) where he lives. From then until today, he lives the journey of making comics.


-Dynamite; Artist and inker at “Elvira meets Vincent Price” 5 issues comic comlpete series writted by David Avallone.

– IDW; Artist and inker at “Transformers /Back to the Future” 4 issues comic complete series writted by Cavan Scott.

-IDW; Artist and inker at “Marvel Action on Black Panther” 3 issues comic complete series writted by Kyle Baker script.

-IDW; Cover artist and at “Transformers #35” and “Transformers #41”

-IDW; Cover artist and at “Marvel Action Spider- Man”.

-IDW; Artist and inker at back up for “Transformers Unicron”.

-Lev Gleason; Artist and inker at “Freelance” Season Two complete comic series #1, #2, #3, #4.

-IDW; artist and inker at M.A.S.K comic series #3, #6, #7, writted by Brandon Easton

-Back To The Future (cover art), ROM & Micronauts (cover art)

-Teneage Ninja Mutant Turtles Shadows of the past Board Game (illustrator).

-Character design for Dark Horse Comics

-Character design for Boom Comics.

-Illustrator in the field of Gambling in many games,
conceiving the concept, presenting the project and making art for 2D skills videogames.