Juan Samu

Barcelona, Spain.

I’m a profesional Comic book artist (penciller/ inker/ colorist), illustrator and concept artist.

After leaving the career of technical drawing in the year 2000, I studied comics at the Escola Joso in 2005. Later I studied Graphic Design until 2008 at the Escola Municipal d’Art de Terrassa (Barcelona) where I live together with my beloved family and friends ^ ^
From then until today, I walk the path of making comics. Always open to new projects, with a multidisciplinary nature, restless to represent stories from yesterday and now, always giving my best because I love comics.


-INCENDIUM; “Bill & Ted” written by John Barber

-Dark Horse; Artist / inker / colorist at “Star Wars Tales from the rancor pitt” written by Cavan Scott.

-IDW; Artist / inker at “Transformers” #43 (fill in) written by Bryan Rucley.

-Dynamite; Artist / inker at “Elvira meets Vincent Price” 5 issues comic comlpete series and covers. Written by David Avallone.

– IDW; Artist / inker at “Transformers /Back to the Future” 4 issues comic complete series written by Cavan Scott.

-IDW; Artist / inker at “Marvel Action on Black Panther” 3 issues comic complete series written by Kyle Baker script.

-IDW; Cover artist at “Transformers #35” and “Transformers #41”

-IDW; Cover artist and at “Marvel Action Spider- Man”.

-IDW; Artist / inker at back up for “Transformers Unicron”.

-Lev Gleason; Artist / inker at “Freelance” Season Two complete comic series #1, #2, #3, #4.

-IDW; artist / inker at M.A.S.K comic series #3, #6, #7, writted by Brandon Easton

-IDW; Back To The Future (cover art), ROM & Micronauts (cover art)

-IDW; Teneage Ninja Mutant Turtles Shadows of the past Board Game (illustrator).

-Character design for Dark Horse Comics

-Character design for Boom Comics.

-Illustrator in the field of gambling in many games,
conceiving the concept and making the visual art for 2D skills videogames.